Promote and enhance a vibrant, diverse and sustainable economy by growing and retaining existing businesses and recruiting new industry into the city.

Funded activities may include projects and programs that promote safe & resilient communities, poverty reduction, quality jobs, municipal tax generation, economic empowerment, sustainable change, gender equality & inclusion, regional co-operation, and development.


• Formation of Cultural District

• Morgan Square Capital Improvements

• Signage Assistance Program

• Formation of Social Enterprise Hub 

• Economic Development Tours

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Strengthen community involvement and decision-making that supports growth and fosters a high-ranking quality of life for all businesses and residents of our city. 

Funded activities may include projects and initiatives that promote participative democracy, arts & culture, sustainable development, economic opportunity, and social equity, through the organization, education and empowerment of people within their communities. 


Proposed: ​

• Arts & Culture Collaborative

• Special Events 

• Nonprofit Forum

• Candidate’s Forum

• Policy Forums: Affordable Housing, Cultural Districts, ADU’s, Rent Control


Environmental Sustainability

Improve and protect the economy and our quality of life by promoting environmental sustainability that supports a thriving community. 

Funded activities may include projects, policies, and initiatives that enhance urban resilience to climate change and disaster risks, increase access to health and wellness, and promote the adoption of sustainable practices. 



• Green Business Program

• LEED Workshops

• Green Zone at Community Events

• Youth Workforce Development Program to meet CAP Goals

• Binational Sustainability Conference

• Food System


Develop, attract and retain a highly qualified, well-trained workforce capable of meeting the city’s workforce needs in order to sustain continued economic growth and prosperity and enhanced quality of life.

Funded activities may include projects, policies and programs that close the skills gap, promote workforce development in high growth industries, empower the next generation of business and civic leaders, attract talent to achieve National City’s community and economic development objectives, increase innovation and capacity for change. 



• STEAM Scholarship

• Job Fair

• Internship Program

• I’m Ready Program (Live well SD)

• Leadership Development Program